Eco-friendly Products that Help protect our Planet

ecofriendlyproductsDrastic climate change; frequent  violent storms and tsunamis due to the increased level of warm water; melting of ice caps that results to the raise of sea levels worldwide; deadly heat waves; drought; and tendencies of war and loss of biological diversity, are all life-threatening effects of global warming. Global warming is caused by natural and man-made events. The release of methane gas from Tundra and wetlands is a natural cause of global warming while factories and plants, engine combustions, illegal logging, and many others are examples of man-made causes. Apparently, Earth’s supposedly intelligent inhabitants have been negligent of their main purpose in this planet – to take care of it. While the effects of global warming have been reportedly felt for the last decade, it is still not yet too late to help calm these effects by using eco-friendly products suggested by the green guide.

There are so many ways to use eco-friendly products, and the funny thing is, a lot of these products are actually found in your favorite grocery and department stores nationwide. It’s just we lack good amount of information on which products to pick. First of all, loathe plastics. Let’s admit it; the world has been dominated by plastic since they’re flexible and useful, but they are totally destructible, too. Plastics contain the toxic methane gas; the same gas released by natural causes of global warming. When plastics are eaten, its toxic substances are broken down into pieces, crush the internal organs of the host, and eventually kill it. Presently, tons of animal species have been recorded to have died due to the accumulation of plastics in their habitats, in which most of these belong to bodies of water. This is not impossible since a lot of people leave their debris at the beach, which are then brought to the sea by waves or eaten by sea side animals.

To avoid the accumulation of plastic, go for its alternatives. Opt for milk in glass bottles; shop with re-usable grocery bags; drink with reusable liquid containers instead of canned or bottled water; and so on. On the one hand, purchase products that are made from environment-friendly materials and are manufactured through eco-friendly processes. For bath soaps and shampoos, go for brands that make use of plant-based substances sans parabens and other toxic ingredients. The former is natural and good for both skin and environment while the latter all cause health deterioration in the future. These products can range from clothing that are made of hemp, organic cotton, and recycled materials. For home cleaners, go for goods that are made of organic and natural ingredients like water, citrus, natural enzymes, and the likes. These products, apart from being environment-friendly, are cheap and fresh-smelling, too. The next time you start making your grocery list, make sure you read the product ingredients first before purchasing it.

Coleus: The Latest Discovery on Alternative Medicine that Cures High Blood Pressure

read-booksColeus is the latest protection in the battle counter to high blood pressure. At the same time as this herb, from time to time recognized as Coleus Forskohlii, has been utilized for further medications over a lot of years, it is merely being found for its usage as one of the remedies you may be able to find in your home that will fight against high blood pressure. By means of the researches that have been accomplished as regards to the usage of coleus, it is found that this substance is incredibly promising when eyeing to get those figures under control.

Coleus functions with the human body itself to assist it in lowering the blood pressure only by itself. This is somewhat that is relatively exceptional. By the use of the defense structure that is set in the interior of the cells themselves, coleus functions to advance the flow and consequently reduce blood pressure.

Up until this day, there are supplementary researches being carried out. This denotes that greater advantages may be discovered. It is recommended the coleus must be taken in on a regular basis to guarantee that all of the advantages from this raw supplement function inside the body.

This herb comes across as a lovely potted blossom. There are a lot of color differences of it. On the other hand, it can typically be seen in a white and purple color. There are supplementary health advantages related with this plant. For instance, in fluid form, a 1% mixture of it can be utilized to decrease eye heaviness for up to five hours. As a result, whenever you agonize because of glaucoma, you will be able to find a specific amount of comfort by means of the use of coleus.

It is likewise discovered that this herb rouses the fat breakdown. Consequently, whenever you are in search for the best way to lose weight in anticipation of regulating hypertension, in that case this can be the ideal herbal supplement for you. At the same time as you are able to perceive it, it has a lot of wonderful uses that are definitely good for your health.


The Real Deal about Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Have you heard of Stem Cell therapy? I myself have been intrigued by this uniquely developed kind of treatment. After I read several researches I was so amazed by the changes or effects it could cause to a human body. Currently, scientists mainly focused on the two kinds of stem cell coming from humans, namely embryonic stem cells and non embryonic stem cells, which are also called as somatic stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells are coming from undistinguishable inner mass cell of human embryo. They are capable of developing into derivatives of the main germ layers – ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm. Meaning they can mature with each of the 200 cell types our body possess when they are signalled to do so. This particular cell serves as aid for healing as they react to a kind of ailment or injury. It transforms into specialized cells such as muscle cells, red blood cells or brain cells in which the body needs. Given they are present in adequate number and got the precise indicators of a certain ailment. Subsequently, if they are left idle, stem cells are notable of renewing themselves by way of cell division.

Meanwhile, the other kind of stem cell is responsible for self-treatment. Therefore, they are capable of replacing damaged cells into new once. They can be injected as tissue or organ-specific cells with certain roles. They habitually divide to repair and renew dented tissues in organs like gut and bone marrow. On the other hand, stem cells only divide in exceptional conditions with organs pancreas and the heart. Medical researchers agreed that stem-cell therapy has the capability to modify aspects of human disease and somehow gives relief to pain with insignificant negative effects.

There are several stem-cell therapies that are conducted, however, most of it is at experimental phase and quite expensive. Nevertheless, there is one that is done remarkably – the Bone-Marrow transplantation (BMT) or hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) – a medical method that involves hematopoietic stem cells (HSC).

In the future, these two types of stem cells will be capable of treating cancer, certain type of Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, neurological disorders, and many others. However, this will surely pass through thorough deliberation and comprehensive processes to fully appreciate stem-cell treatment and hopefully be applied in clinical setting.

Indeed, mankind has reached its full potential to live longer life. It has invented numerous breakthroughs in the field of science and technology that can lengthen one’s youth and turn back the time through one’s skin. However, we should always remember that studies like these may not always be perfect and that side effects might occur anytime. So it is always beneficial if you conduct thorough research about each innovative development before trying out for yourself.


A New Discovery in Stoke Treatment

Innovative discoveries are on the increase as professors, biologists, and scientists undertake into the heart – or to be more precise, nerve – of the problem to find an improved way of remedying stroke patients.

Reverse engineering has continuously been a helpful approach to discovering a cure to nearly anything. In the I.T. business, this is exactly how programmers drudge into systems, generate better uses, find answers to computer glitches, or simply overrun wicked software like worms and viruses.

Experts have employed this age-old method in finding remedies to deadly infections. Currently, it is being operated to supplement stroke treatment. Advances in understanding the capacity of the nervous system to familiarize to variation are getting bigger making it an exhilarating time in stroke therapy.

Neurologists from the hospital of UC Irvine Medical Center have just accomplished a study on how to reinstate injured brain cells by reversing the indications of a stroke. The experts discovered a development factor that activates the progress of neural stem cells and they utilized this to 16 stroke patients who then turned out to avoid disability even upom three months of the assessment. This analysis is under numerous phase of safe examination and the 16 stroke patients have gone through Stage IIa. There are still a lot of years of medical development to assess the security and efficacy of this way to a novel rehabilitation

Dubbed as Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor or simply BDNF, this development factor acts on specific neurons of the vital nervous system and the outlying nervous system that is imperative to memory, learning, and advanced thinking. It fosters the growth and distinction of new synapses and neurons and acts an important part in regular neural growth.

NeuroAiD, a usual medication, has been confirmed to rouse neurons in a comparable fashion by activating the natural emission of BDNF. This is the reason for another cluster of scientists who further discovered how to accelerate or upsurge BDNF functionality in the physique by means of NeuroAiD, a renowned treatment used for post-stroke recuperation.


Role of Bearings in Modern Machinery

Modern technology is one of the great evidences that the world is already becoming modernized. Long before, people do all works by hand, but nowadays, human race is almost dehumanized due to the advancement of various innovations invented by man. On the contrary, we can fully say that all inventions are beneficial, despite the fact that somehow, it lessens the chance of people to get employed. There are also certain innovations which are really useful today, most particularly in the transportation sector.

Transportation is now becoming a need since people can no longer travel places by just merely walking. This means to say buses, cars and motorcycles are already in need day by day. This is the reason why bearings were also invented. Bearings are just but small parts of this transportation agent, however, it has a great function for a successful transportation. Various industries nowadays which involve the use of machinery rely much with bearings manufacturer and this makes bearings one of the best and useful invention nowadays.

Many would seldom ask on what would be the use of bearings to automobiles or any machinery today. Bearings are small machinery parts but on the contrary this is one of the secrets why automobiles save energy. This helps regulates or make the engine functions well. Bearings may not be seen in our day to day travel; yet, it is the reason behind the safe transportation as it maintains the functions of the engines of cars, busses, airplanes and the like.

Aside from those automobiles, bearings are also useful and can be found in computers. Therefore, we can really say that it has a great value to people’s lives today. Bearing meant to support, therefore, its role is to maintain the function of engines and other machinery every day. There are also different kinds of bearings according to sizes and shapes. Therefore, you also need to be familiar with those shapes of bearings every now and then.

You need to know which bearing is for cars, air conditioners, and even with those computers in your home. This is one way of making sure that all your appliances and automobiles functions well when use. When purchasing bearings; KJF bearings are among the trusted product that you should choose. These are durable bearings which will ensure you of the smooth function of your engine even when engaged on its daily use.


The New Discovery In Solar Power Systems

It is not a secret that all individuals need electricity in order for their households to run effectively. However, despite the increasing costs of electricity, a lot of people remain passive in using solar power mainly because it is indeed a very hefty investment. Fortunately, scientists are now working on a new method in harnessing the infinite power of the sun. This article will explain how.

From lighting, to television sets, computers, heat in our home – everything runs on electricity and monthly bills can really go up to a few hundred dollars a month. Ouch! However, even with the availability of solar energy in the market for roughly a hundred years, most people have not yet embraced the idea, that’s why researchers are now working on a new way to derive energy from the sun. A variety of solar power systems are available at Tricityelec.

Most systems available nowadays only make use of a fraction of the sun’s overall potential. They would either generate electricity or heat. Now, scientists and mechanical engineers have discovered a new kind of solar power conversion system that can generate both heat and electricity!

These scientists and mechanical engineers were able to make us of the entire spectrum by converting sunlight into heat energy and just after it has been converted into heat by a sophisticated process, they convert it to electricity which can power up any household or building.

The principle behind is placing semiconductor legs between the solar absorber and hot water tube converting heat into electricity directly while the water is being heated. This system has proven to be a lot more efficient and can help shorten ROI schedule thus more feasible in today’s economy.

Mechanical engineers designed a system that uses solar energy to take in and produce temperature difference. This temperature difference is what impels the electron to go from hot to cold.

In generating electricity, the usual solar hot water system can save money between six to twelve dollars per month per individual. Not bad. But this new solar system technology can save you up to 30 dollars a month, that’s three hundred sixty dollars a year. That’s a lot of cost cutting. That is why individuals are encouraged to install this kind of solar power systems  in their homes.

The return of investment of a traditional solar hot water system can range from ten to 11 years. Scientists estimated that this new system can help reduce the return of investment schedule in just two to four years.

LED lamps are replacing incandescent lamps rapidly

In relation to the regulations of EU, incandescent lamps might no longer be available on the market in the near future. The Opinion Research Institute forsa conducted a thorough survey which revealed that more than 60 percent of consumers are leaning towards purchasing energy saving lights.  And almost half of them already have LED lights installed at their homes/ offices.

Germany, in general, is comprised of people with very strong beliefs when it comes to the environment, especially in energy-saving projects. According to a recently conducted forsa survey of 1,000 German, more than half of German citizens are very much concerned about topics regarding energy-saving. They would rather buy LED bulbs than incandescent bulbs because of its cost-efficient solutions, but moreover, they would gladly consider LED bulbs also because of environmental protection. German citizens pay close attention when it comes to consumption ratings and almost all of them depend on kind of lighting that can save a lot of energy.

The main come on of an LED manufacturer is that their products can allow their consumers to save up to 90 percent of electric usage without having to compromise the quality of light (brightness, color temperature, etc.), according to the recent study at Bai LED, who has been researching and developing LED technologies for more than a decade. In addition to that, it also has a longer life span than that of your ordinary Read the rest of this entry


On the 30 September 1999, at the Japan Nuclear Fuel Conversion Co. fuel preparation plant at Tokai, three workers began preparing a batch of enriched uranium for use in an experimental fast breeder reactor. Operational procedures were violated through the use of manual preparation, water cooling and improper configuration of precipitation tanks. A critical mass of uranium-235 was reached in the precipitation tank and a nuclear fission reaction became self-sustaining. Intense gamma and neutron radiation were emitted from the tank and the vigorous boiling of the reactant released radioactive material throughout the building. Criticality lasted intermittently for twenty hours before being poisoned with the addition of a neutron absorber, and residences within 350m of the facilities were evacuated for two days. Two of the operators received fatal doses of radiation from this accident. Read the rest of this entry

Principles of Fission – Splitting Atoms

By 1934, physicists understood the nucleus to be a cluster of protons and neutrons. They were now focused on researching how this entity would behave under all manner of circumstances. Enrico Fermi, the Italian physicist who first postulated the existence of the neutron, was experimenting in Rome with bombarding uranium nuclei with neutrons. The results were somewhat puzzling to all.

In Germany, Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann sought to solve the mystery of Fermi’s results and conducted their own neutron bombardment experiments. As Europe continued its descent into darkness, Meitner fled to Sweden but continued to correspond with Hahn so she could make a contribution to his work. In 1938, she received a very interesting letter from Hahn informing her that he and Strassmann had discovered that a product of the neutron bombardment of uranium was barium.

This was as puzzling as Fermi’s original results. Barium has half the mass of uranium and for it to have been produced from uranium would mean the entire nucleus would have had to practically split in half. Frisch was sceptical and suggested Hahn had made a mistake but Meitner had too much faith in Hahn’s skill as a chemist. So at the beginning of 1939, Frisch conducted his own cloud chamber experiments and confirmed that uranium had indeed split as a result of being impacted by a neutron. Meitner and Frisch immediately sent papers to England, interpreting these results as nuclear fission. Read the rest of this entry


On April 26 1986, during a low-power engineering test in Chernobyl RBMK-1000 reactor 4, a power surge triggered multiple steam explosions, causing a loss of coolant, allowing a total meltdown of the fuel and starting a fire in the reactor housing, which burned for ten days, dispersing radionuclides into the atmosphere. The details of how this occured is described below.

Thousands of the victims of Chernobyl have died.

Thousands of those in the affected area have died because people do die when they reach the end of their lives. The issue is how many deaths are directly related to the accident. The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) released a full report to the General Assembly in 2000 on the sources and effects of ionising radiation. Annex J: Exposures and Effects of the Chernobyl Accident contained a review of the effects of the fallout fourteen years on. The report identified 31 short-term deaths from plant workers and emergency workers, 28 of which were due to radiation exposure. The Chernobyl forum agrees with UNSCEAR about the 31 immediate deaths plus 16 further deaths among workers over the following two decades, attributable to the accident and 9 deaths due to complications in adolescent thyroid cancer, bringing the death toll as of 2004 to 56, just over the number of people killed on 7/7. Read the rest of this entry